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5 Biggest Mistakes People Make During a Divorce That Could Cost You Thousands
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mistakes during a divorce
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Nobody likes the idea of divorce. In fact, the idea alone can send a chill down your spine and cause significant pain all over your body. However, there may come a time in some people’s lives when divorce is inevitable with no chance to repair your relationship. If you hope to make it through a divorce without losing too many of your assets or becoming bitter towards your ex-spouse, then it’s best to avoid making these 5 mistakes:

1) Don’t Do Anything that Could Get You Arrested

When going through a divorce, one common mistake that most people make is involving law enforcement in matters that they shouldn’t involve them in at all. This could be anything from physical altercations to verbal threats against friends and family members. Engaging in illegal activities with your spouse can land you in jail and greatly reduce the amount of money you’ll be seeing from your divorce settlement.

2) Don’t Mention Where You Plan on Moving

Once you decide to get a divorce, it’s best to not disclose where you plan on moving to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. This could give them knowledge that will allow them to take more assets than they would have been able to had they only known about your new residence after the divorce was finalized. It may sound silly, but many divorces come down to who knows what and when.

3) Don’t Ever Give Out Your PIN Numbers or Passwords

If there is one thing that should never be shared between spouses, it would be a personal identification number or a password. This could lead to significant debt, depending on what your spouse decides to do with it. If you have no choice but to share this information in order to get them the documents they need for your divorce, then make sure that you can change it when the time comes.

4) Don’t Take Any Action That Will Lower Your Child Custody Chances

Along with taking out any anger and frustration on your friends and family members, sharing negative rumors about their lifestyles or character can severely lower your chances of receiving child custody after a divorce . While receiving child custody is important, there’s nothing wrong with not receiving it if you know that continuing contact will allow you to maintain a healthy relationship within the family unit.

5) Don’t Try to Make Your Spouse Look Like the Bad Guy

Finally, one mistake that is commonly made during a divorce is trying to make your soon-to-be ex-spouse look like the bad guy. This can be dangerous and may lead to you receiving less than what you deserve. Sometimes, if the other party believes that they will make an unfavorable impression on your lawyer, they may choose to work out a deal with you instead of letting them know about it. Likewise, this could also lead them to seek retribution against you at another time after the terms have been reached . By avoiding all of these mistakes, hopefully you’ll keep more money in your pocket and not have as much resentment towards your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Thank you for reading today’s 5 biggest mistakes people make during divorce article, and please feel free to share any other tips in the comments. Good luck!