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How To Get Out Of Friend Zone
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friend zone
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You really love her. And you spend most of your nights thinking about her. Thinking of a happily forever after only if you succeed in making her your girlfriend. But there’s one huge hurdle. She has no idea that you’re seeing her as the lady of your dreams. She only recognizes you as a friend. So painful, right? So how do you get out of friend zone? Especially when she’s already told you “You’re like a brother to me!” 

There are very few things that carry the same pain for men as being friend-zoned. You spend time with your crush just as friends yet what you really want is an actual relationship.  Don’t give up just yet! There’s hope for you. Keep reading to find out how you can get yourself out and make her your girlfriend!

What exactly is being in “friend zone”?

Simply put, you want to touch and hold her. You want to enjoy the most intimate moments with her and call her yours. But you just can’t because she only sees you as BFF. She even talks to you about the other men she’s into but you pretend that it doesn’t kill you inside. Even worse, you do things that her boyfriend should be doing for her. 

But when your friends ask you who she is to you and why you are doing all these for her, you say you are just doing it because you’re are a nice guy. But deep inside, your intention is to make her yours. 

If you want to get out of friend zone, forget about not wanting to ruin the friendship that you have. It’s time to commit your true feelings towards her and make it clear by communicating. It takes courage and honesty. Here are some tips to do it.

Ways to get out of friend zone

Start flirting with her

Flirting always shows you want to make the connection deeper than the brotherly connection she sees in you. When flirting make eye contact with her. It helps hold the power of your presence and gives a girl a thought that you are giving her all your attention. 

Smiles through her heart

When you’re around her, you definitely have to show how she makes you feel. The best way to show how you feel is by giving her the smile she’s made you have. 

Don’t act as if you are her boyfriend

When you’re stuck in friend zone, it’s very easy to fall into a trap of acting like you’re her boyfriend. You start buying her flowers, pay for expensive night-outs with her friends, and you are always available when she needs a shoulder to lean on.

But let’s face it. It is often not true that the more you’re nice to a woman, the more she likes you. Most of the time, they will not even get attracted to you. In fact, she will begin taking advantage of you. Think about it this way, why would she commit to a relationship, when she can everything from you? 

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Make her stop seeing you as a friend

Make your intentions clear and she will stop seeing you as a friend. This means no more frequent chats and calls for a while. The idea is to help create a clean gap between her thought of you as her friend and your idea that you actually want her to be a potential partner. Odds are that if you keep the distance, she will start seeing you differently when you start texting and calling again. Acting a little distant is so powerful in seducing a girl you like

Don’t be friends in the first place!

Many people and several websites will advise you to make a new girl your friend before you start dating. But this is not always the case. Making her your friend might easily lead you into the friend zone and even ruin the same friendship when you want to make the advancements. 

Did you know that women get attracted to unpredictable men? Not by someone who is always there for them. 

Therefore, from the very beginning, make your intentions clear that you want to date them. If she isn’t okay with that, there’s nothing wrong with getting rejected. There are several women out there who will welcome you into their lives. So, you will know her decision faster and move on to the next woman. 

Feel free to date other women

The intention isn’t to make her jealous. In fact, always avoid making her jealous on purpose because you might trigger other thoughts in her. While other websites suggest that you make her a little bit jealous to make her understand what you are to her, you might end up losing her if she gives up entirely. If this happens, then you have a difficult task to prove to her that you really love her. 

But you can keep dating other women until you know that she actually likes you and is ready to start dating you. 

Create tension

Desire & tension is the difference between lovers and friends. If you don’t create that, you will be friend-zoned. The sooner you create it, the earlier she will start considering a relationship with you. 

Since you’re already friends, she is obviously now used to casual touches such as patting her on the back, high fives, etc. Now start moving even further with your touches than usual and read her reaction. When she reacts positively to your touches, escalate further into something more intimate. You can start by caressing her back, holding her hand, and even moving her hair from her face to her back. When doing these, always pay attention to her reactions. If she’s comfortable with them, then probably you’re out of the friend zone.

Ask her out on a real date

You may probably never get out of friend zone if you don’t have the courage to ask her out. It’s not about going out with her along with a few friends. Ask her out on a real date where it’s just the two of you. Also, avoid using the word “date” as it puts more pressure on her. Ask her out for coffee, drinks, a movie, or anything you think she might like. Have your plan ready and ensure you propose to her before the session ends. 


Being friend-zoned by your crush is often more painful when you don’t know how to turn things around and make her your girlfriend. But with the above tips, you can actually make her your own!

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Good luck!