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5 Proven Ways to Avoid Unhappy and Destructive Relationships
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avoid destructuve relationships
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Is having ‘somebody to love’ the most important thing in your life? Do you find yourself always in a destructive or painful relationship? Maybe you just find it impossible to find someone who speaks your love language?

If You are bored with nice, dependable men then this article is for you.

If you constantly find yourself in destructive relationships -you may be suffering from a common problem: You love too much.

In her book “Women Who Love Too Much“, Robin Norwood identifies the characteristics of women who tend to love too much and offers practical advice for breaking the cycle of pain and self-defeat.

These women are often attracted to men who are emotionally unavailable or abusive, and they tend to put their own needs and desires aside in order to cater to the needs of their partner.

They may find themselves constantly apologizing for things that aren’t their fault, making excuses for the bad behavior of their partner, or feeling like they’re “walking on eggshells” in order to avoid upsetting him.

As a result, they often have little or no self-esteem and feel powerless and alone.

If you are in a relationship like this, it is important to realize that you are not responsible for the behavior of your partner – you can only control your own actions. You need to start taking care of yourself and put your needs first.

Here are five steps to avoid being in a destructive, unhappy relationship:

1.) Develop realistic expectations of love and relationships by taking an honest look at yourself and your past experience with love. If you hope for the perfect partner or somebody who is not flawed in any way, you will likely be disappointed. Accept that all relationships involve give and take, and that nobody is perfect.

2.) Become aware of the warning signs of an unhealthy or abusive relationship. These include jealous or possessive behavior, verbal abuse, emotional blackmail, constant put-downs, or any type of physical violence. If you see these signs, it is important to get out of the relationship before it becomes even more destructive.

3.) Stop trying to change or fix your partner. This is a fruitless endeavor and will only lead to frustration and resentment on your part.

4.) Take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough sleep, and find ways to relax and de-stress.

5.) Seek professional help if you are unable to break the cycle of destructive love on your own. A therapist can help you understand the dynamics of your relationship and give you the tools you need to make positive changes.

If you are in a destructive relationship, it is important to take steps to get out of it. By following the advice in this article, you can begin to change your life for the better and find happiness and love in healthy, lasting relationships.

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