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How to Ask Someone on a Date Over Text – 10 Simple Ways
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Ask Someone on a Date Over Text

Wondering how to ask somone on a date over text?

You’ve come the right place! 🙂

Today, we’re going to share with you our TOP 10 ways on how to ask someone on a date over text. These ten tips that we’ll be sharing with you today are tried and tested by us, as well as by our friends and acquaintances whom we’ve shared these tips with. They each had their own favorable results and feedback—and so will you!

1. Use “Would You”

This is by far the easiest way to ask someone on a date over text. It places little to no pressure on your txtmate, and yet it still gives off the vibe of confidence and masculinity or femininity (if you’re female). Use “would” you by offering a couple of different date options, would you like to go for ice crème or supper? Using this question allows the person reading your txt to choose which date they’d like to go on with you—instead of you choosing one for them. You could also change your tone of voice to reflect a more confident question, so it almost implies that they would want to. There are so many more options available with this type of question compared to others. And remember, if she (or he) says no… that’s okay.

2. Use “What Are Your Weekend Plans?”

You could use this method if you know that your txtmate has a busy lifestyle. It will give them the opportunity to tell you their plans, and by doing so, this will allow you to follow up with asking them out on a specific date. In this case, it doesn’t have to be something epic or super-fancy—as long as they say yes .

3. Use “What Are You Doing This Weekend?”

This is another version of how to ask someone on a date over text in a subtle way. Again, it still gives off that effect of confidence and masculinity/femininity (if you’re female). By using this method instead, however, allows for even more freedom when choosing what type of date to go on. If they’re free, then ask them out. Don’t wait for another opportunity and if you wait too long the opportunity might get away from you! Especially if there is attraction at first sight.

4. Use “Are You Busy This Weekend?”

Use this question if you know that your txtmate is not busy on the weekend. Maybe it’s a good friend of yours who can’t go on a date during the week because he/she works so much throughout the weekdays. In any case, use this type of question when you want to take advantage of their time-off. Of course, being friends with them already will give off a good impression . On a side note: be careful using this approach if you imply that you already know they are not busy, since some people may consider it as being too pushy or demanding of their time.

5. Use “This Saturday, a Friend and I Are Going to…”

If you want to ask someone on a date but you’re not exactly sure if they have plans for the weekend, then use this question . It will allow you to tell them your weekend plans freely—since it’s indirect enough where it doesn’t make them feel as though you’re asking them specifically but it opens up the option to invite them if they feel excited or interested in what you are doing. This also applies if the two of you are already going somewhere together with another friend or friends (if applicable). In that case, using this question will be another opportunity to invite them, spend more time together and then open up with asking them on a date, just the two of you.

how to ask someone on a date over text
how to ask someone on a date over text

6. Use “I Was Wondering If You’d Like To Get Coffee/Drinks/Dinner/etc.”

This is another way on how to ask someone on a date over text that applies to different types of people. Whether they’re introverts or extroverts, this question applies just as well . That’s because the words “get coffee” are so vague—and drinking coffee doesn’t have to be associated with romance at all! If you feel as though your txtmate would say yes, then go ahead and ask them out on a date using this simple question.

7. Use “Maybe We Could Catch A Movie/Play/Concert/Sports Game”

Use this question if you know that your txtmate has an interest in movies, plays, concerts, sports games, etc. It will show them that you’re willing to do something that they enjoy doing. Even if the person says no, it won’t be a total loss since you can then suggest another idea (such as going for coffee) and ask again . That’s what I love about this question ; it doesn’t give off any pressure at all!

8. How to Ask Someone on a Date Over Text – Use “I Was Wondering If…”

This is another version on how to ask someone on a date over text—and it applies whether you know your txtmate well or not . It will show the person reading your txt that you are interested in becoming better friends with them, but still makes it known that there could be something more between the two of you if choose to go out on a date. The best part about this question is that it’s so simple and straightforward!

9. Use “Do You Have Any Free Time This Weekend?”

When texting a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, use this question to ask if the two of you can meet up or hang out at some point this weekend . This question will allow them to tell their plans regarding what they have going on for the weekend—and from there, you can then plan how to ask your txtmate out on a date, if applicable. Just remember: don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in life… not everyone will say yes , but at least you won’t have any regrets afterwards!

10. Use “I Was Thinking Of Inviting You To…”

Not everyone is an extrovert who wants to ask their txtmate on a date form the get-go. That’s why this question works perfectly if you’re not sure how to ask someone out over text. It will allow your txtmate to come up with the idea of them inviting themselves, even on a date in thenear future—which could eventually lead to being in an actual relationship down the road! As I always say, it doesn’t hurt just  asking them  out for  coffee  or dinner  using this simple question . Plus, getting turned down isn’t that bad since as long as you know that you tried.

Some people are introverts who are too shy to ask their txtmates on a date face-to-face. It’s not uncommon whatsoever, so don’t feel ashamed of yourself if you’re one of them . That’s why this article was created in the first place ! I hope that it helped answer how to ask someone out over text for those who wanted to know… and as always, thanks for reading!

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