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How To Be Happy With Yourself In A Relationship
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How To Be Happy With Yourself In A Relationship

– 7 Helpful Steps

It can be easy to get caught up in the pursuit of happiness in a relationship and forget to focus on your own wellbeing. However, it is essential to nurture your own happiness if you want your relationship to be fulfilling and sustainable. Here are 7 helpful steps for how to be happy with yourself in a relationship:

1. Be Happy With Yourself First

If you’re not happy with yourself, it’s going to be very difficult to be happy with someone else. You need to work on your own happiness and self-confidence before you can be in a healthy relationship. Spend time doing things that make you happy and learn to love yourself just the way you are. When you are happy with yourself, it makes it so much easier to get along with other people, especially your partner.

2. Communicate Effectively

Communication is key in any relationship. When you’re able to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings, it will help you build a strong foundation for your relationship. When you communicate your wants and needs to other people that are not in your relationship, it can help you become happy with yourself by fulfilling your own needs in the work place and your hobbies. Communication is not only important just in the relationship but outside of it too. Getting what you need in life outside of your relationship is just as important within.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

It’s natural to compare ourselves to others, but don’t let comparisons ruin your relationship. Comparing yourself to others will only make you feel insecure and unhappy. Focus on being the best version of yourself, and be happy with your own accomplishments. It is normal to appreciate attributes from other people, you can use that to work on something for yourself that you want as well, but comparing yourself to others just makes you the lesser person. Within yourself, your heart will sink even if you don’t notice it right away. Over time the self judgment adds up, if you find yourself comparing yourself to other shift that focus to appreciating what they have, and find something within yourself that’s great that you do have.

How To Be Happy With Yourself In A Relationship
How To Be Happy With Yourself In A Relationship

4. Don’t Take Things Personally

Don’t take things personally when your partner does or says something that upsets you, they’re probably not trying to hurt your feelings. To be happy with yourself in a relationship you need to start realizing that not everything is about you. Take some time and read a great book called the 4 agreements, this book has great philosophy’s and perspectives on how to view the world so you don’t feel hurt all the time and to help you not hurt others.

5. Ask for Support

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unhappy, don’t be afraid to ask for support from your partner. A healthy relationship is built on trust and mutual respect, so your partner should be more than happy to help you through tough times. If you’re finding it difficult to cope with something on your own, asking for help shows that you’re willing to work on the relationship and grow together. By asking for support you are leaning towards making yourself happy, but simply asking for an extra helping hand.

6. Make Time For Each Other

Make time for each other and make sure to schedule regular date nights. Spending quality time together will help strengthen your relationship. Don’t let work or other commitments get in the way of your relationship. It’s important to nurture your relationship and show your partner that you care. If you’re always too busy to spend time together, it’s going to be very difficult to be happy with each other.

7. Have Fun

Enjoy each other’s company and have fun together. Laughing and having fun is a key part of any healthy relationship. When you’re able to let loose and be yourself, it’ll help you feel more connected to your partner. If you’re not having fun, it’s likely that something is wrong. Take some time to figure out what’s causing the problem and work on fixing it.

-Having a healthy relationship with yourself is the key to being happy in a relationship. If you’re not happy with yourself, it’s going to be very difficult to be happy with someone else. Follow these seven helpful steps and you’ll be on your way to a happier and healthier relationship.