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Signs It’s Time To Break Up
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Sometimes the reasons for breakup are so clear that you can easily walk out of a relationship with one. Most of these times, maybe one partner cheated. Sometimes it happens after a serious fight, and sometimes nothing horrible happens but nothing feels right either. The latter is the reason why you might be thinking about the possible signs it’s time to break up. How do you know it’s time to call it quits? Maybe you’re just going through a difficult part in your relationship. Maybe staying longer could help heal the patches and things go back to normal. But how can you be sure? Could you be staying with someone that’s done with you? To find out the real truth, here are some crucial signs to look out for to find out if it is time to break up.

Fighting Over Everything

Fights happen. And most of the relationships experience fights. Some couples even naturally fight more than others. But if you notice your argument pattern changing and the small fights now turning into major fights, then something is wrong. 

How do you even know that the argument is normal or something is wrong in the relationship? If you are able to solve the issue by talking it out with each other, then it may just be a normal fight that most relationships face. But if the same topics keep coming up every time you are in arguments, then you should think of moving on. 

You don’t feel the same way

At first, you really loved them like you have never loved anyone before. While it’s normal for feelings to reduce, your love for your partner should always grow. It should remain steady and keep going deeper. 

If you’re feeling a disconnect with your partner, and if it has been happening for the past few months, it may be due to the fact that your relationship has outlived its purpose. You have to accept that it’s time to move on. 

Your partner seems distant

If you are having trouble to connect emotionally with your partner, especially when things look to be good in your relationship and there’s nothing that should be worrying them, then things might be coming to an end. Your partner may be processing their feelings about the relationship. 

You’re worried that they may be cheating on you

Is it intuition or a form of insecurity? If you’re fairly certain and you’ve found some evidence that they have been cheating on you, it’s better to break up with them now. Whether you are worried how life will be without them, or how you will be affected by the break up, you just have to move on. Otherwise, something worse is on the way. They will leave you when the time comes, which is more painful and hard to heal from.

You’re fantasizing about a new relationship with another person

It’s completely normal to have a few fantasies once in a while about other people when you’re already in a relationship. If fact, research showed that 46% of women have fantasized about another man while being intimate with their partner! So, if this is happening to you, it can be normal. But if these thoughts keep filling your head every now and then, then it’s time to start working on your relationship. Cheating, even when it happens only in your head, is never a good quality of a partner. 

No Longer Intimate

Again, this could be completely normal and may be due to health issues faced by one partner. It’s normal to go weeks and even a month without having relations with your partner. But if this is happening and neither of you is making an effort to reconnect physically with the other, then there could be a bigger underlying problem that may be hard to solve. If you have tried to address the issue and the situation doesn’t change, then you should probably think twice about your relationship.

Physical or mental abuse

No single person should stay with a partner who physically or mentally abuses them. If this happens, then just leave immediately because it may turn to be the order of the day soon. 

You need to figure out how to know that you are in danger so that you leave at the right time before getting hurt. Leave when they are not around and go somewhere they cannot find you and just begin a new life. 

You have very different dreams

Sometimes it happens. The person you are with is awesome but then it reaches a point where you realize you both want very different things in life. You may want to advance your career before welcoming the idea of a family, but they want to have a family first. Don’t wait for things to escalate. The moment you see issues that will bring conflict in the future, you should talk it out with your partner and see their view. If they have a clear stand that differs from yours, then it’s better to end things earlier.

Your friends think you should break up

One big thing about good friends is that they see what you may not be seeing in your partner. They see the red flags that you never see because of how deeply in love you are with your partner. When you’ve buried your head in the sand in some situations, friends will always be there to show you the way. And if a good friend thinks you should break up, chances are that they have seen serious issues that you haven’t seen, or probably may have seen late. 

You’re not happy

While you can’t measure how happy you are in a relationship, the good thing is that you can know whether you are happy or not. On average, couples in a healthy relationship are happy 80% of the time. If you fall under this category, then something is wrong in the relationship. You either address it or quit when things don’t get better.