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【FULL】Romance on the Farm EP03:Joseph Zeng Saves Tian Xiwei from the Fire | 田耕纪 | iQIYI
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【Introduction】”Romance on the Farm” is a costume farming light-hearted comedy directed by Hong Ling (“Faith Makes Great”) and written by Jin Yuanyuan (“Sealed with a Kiss”). It stars Joseph Zeng (“Meet Yourself”) and Tian Xiwei (“New Life Begins”) in the leading roles. Lian Maner (played by Tian Xiwei), a modern girl, accidentally finds herself in an ancient rural village where she encounters the eccentric Lian family, who are her distant relatives. She also meets the enigmatic and “tsundere” male lead, Shen Nuo (played by Joseph Zeng). Together, they confront troublesome relatives, engage in farming and business ventures, and strive for prosperity. As they go through various hilarious and chaotic situations, their relationship deepens, and they promise to accompany each other through life. With chickens flying and dogs jumping, and with the gathering of relatives and the cultivation of rice, everyone is invited to join in the farming journey. The series will be available for online streaming on iQiyi

【Cast】Joseph Zeng, Tian Xiwei

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