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Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work – The Top 10 Reasons
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Why Long Distance Relationships Don't Work
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Long distance relationships don’t work, this is not an absolute rule however a high majority of these relationships don’t last. You need to know these top 10 reasons why long distance relationships don’t work if you are considering becoming involved or are already in this type of relationship.

1) Lack of physical contact

The most obvious and probably the most important reason why long distance relationships don’t work is the lack of physical contact. Being able to see, touch, hug and other types of intimacy is essential in a relationship. When you’re not able to do that on a regular basis, the relationship can become stale and distant.

2) Lack of communication –

When you’re not physically together, it’s difficult to communicate effectively. You can’t just pop over to their house or call them up for a chat, you need to make more of an effort to keep in touch which can be hard when you’re both busy. Miscommunication can easily happen when there’s a lack of communication.

3) Misunderstandings –

Without face-to-face communication it’s easy for misunderstandings to occur which can lead to arguments. Text messages leave out a lot of the nuances that come with face-to-face conversation so it can be easy for something to be misinterpreted.

4) Lack of shared experiences

When you’re in the same place, you can experience things together and build memories. These shared experiences help to strengthen a relationship. When you’re long distance, you can’t do that as easily and can often feel left out. If your relationship ever has a rocky road then you can look back and reminisce about shared experienced and how good some of those times were, this can help build up a new foundation. Without that history, there is not a lot to build back up on.

Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work

5) Jealousy –

It’s easy for people in long distance relationships to get jealous, especially if one person is out enjoying themselves while the other is stuck at home. It’s hard not to feel resentment when your partner is having fun without you. Any minor insecurities either of you might have will be exacerbated but an unawareness of the conditions your long distance partner is experiencing. You don’t really know what there friends are like, who they have been spending their time with and if everything they are telling you is true.

6) Lack of trust –

If you can’t see your partner, it’s easy to start questioning their fidelity. When there is a lack of trust, the relationship is doomed to fail. Trust is built by doing what you say your going to do and showing mutual respect with each other. If you cannot see each other, its very difficult to build up trust. Phone calls and video chats do not have enough substance to build trust.

7) Boredom –

It’s easy for people in long distance relationships to get bored. When you’re not able to physically be together, the relationship can become stale and lack excitement. You may be missing the excitement of date nights at your favorite restaurants, bringing your partner to family gathering and unable to share your hobbies together. All of this creates a feeling of boredom.

8) Lack of support –

When your partner is away, it can be hard to receive emotional or practical support from them. If you’re struggling with something, it’s nice to be able to talk to them about it and have them offer some words of wisdom or comfort in person. The in person connecting of someone physically being there with you while you are venting makes a huge difference compared to just on the phone. This can lead to feeling unsupported.

9) Physical attraction fades over time –

It’s natural for physical attraction to fade over time, even in relationships that are close by. When you’re not able to see your partner often, this physical attraction can slowly dissipate and when it’s gone, its very difficult to reignite . This is often due to the fact that you’re not experiencing each other’s physicality and chemistry as often as you would if you were in the same place.

10) It’s just really hard –

The biggest reason why long distance relationships don’t work is because they are just really hard. They take a lot of time and effort to maintain and are often riddled with problems. It can be really hard to keep the spark alive when you cannot see your partner as often as you would like. Often, people in long distance relationships find themselves sacrificing a lot and it just becomes too difficult to sustain.

– As you can see, there are many reasons why long distance relationships don’t work. There may be the one in a million, but the odds are its just not so. It’s hard to have a connection with someone when your relationship is based on long distance, it’s also easy to become complacent and forget about the relationship.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a serious relationship, it’s best to avoid a long distance relationship. Find someone you can see on a regular basis and invest your time and energy into building a strong, lasting connection. That’s the key to a successful relationship.