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Characteristics of Long Term Couples
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Being in a long-term relationship is a dream for many romantics. Research has shown that people who are in enduring relationships are happier, healthier, and wealthier. Possibly because you always have someone to share in your ups and downs. In the low moments, you get support and comfort from your significant other, and in the happy times, you have someone to share in your joy.

Most couples tend to fall apart within a short time. However, some couples stick together for long. You may be wondering, how do they make it work? What does it take to make a relationship last?

Long-term couples stay together because they are in healthy, and loving relationships. Here are some common characteristics of long term couples:  

They compromise to accommodate each other.

There are high chances that your partner will not share the same culture, character, or preferences with you. But this does not mean that you cannot be happy together.

The secret to ensuring a healthy long-term relationship is to learn to accommodate your partner and their differences. 

Even when you disagree with them, You need to meet each other halfway. You cannot prioritize yourself all the time by making decisions that favor you alone. 

It is essential to make mutually beneficial decisions as a team. You’ve got to give a little to get a little; that way, both of you have your needs met.

They have Shared Values.

Having similar values and shared beliefs is a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship. Being compatible and sharing the same world views will contribute towards a long-lasting relationship.

For example, if your partner is strongly religious, it would help if you shared some of their beliefs. This does not mean you have to belong to their religion, but it is essential to acknowledge and respect their values.

It is great when a couple learns of these beliefs earlier on in the relationship. That way, they can cultivate and grow together. 

They are committed to each other. 

It goes without saying that commitment and dedication is the number one ingredient for a long term couple. 

Commitment is the determination to stick together through thick and thin.

Relationships are not always blissful. You will face challenges that will tempt the stability of your relationship. 

A strong sense of commitment will help you to stand by each other, no matter what. 

When both parties are dedicated to building the relationship, there is no doubt that it will survive the test of time. 

They have shared goals.

Sharing certain goals with your loved one is crucial for a long-term relationship. Some of the goals you can share include what you intend to gain out of the relationship, living together, having children, future plans for the relationship, and other important aspects. 

This doesn’t mean that you cannot have your own personal goals. But it can help you and your partner know if you are compatible. Shared goals will help determine whether you have the same vision for the relationship.

They practice forgiveness

No one is so perfect that they never make mistakes. There are high chances that your partner will wrong you in one way or another. The secret to a long healthy relationship is learning to forgive and move on from a mistake. 

It is not always easy to let go of the wrong, but it is necessary for a relationship to last.

Both of you have to be graceful enough to forgive and forget. You may be tempted to keep a record of the wrongs, but this will not help the relationship to last.

Loving your partner despite their wrongdoings will undoubtedly ensure a long-term relationship.

They are open to change.

When you are in a long-term relationship, both of you will inevitably evolve and change over time. You will not be the same people you were 20 years ago when you started going out. 

As you change, the relationship also changes. You will start to experience different dynamics with your partner. 

Both parties need to pay attention to how their partner is changing and adapt. Failure to evolve together will lead to arguments every day. It is therefore vital to accommodate your partner and evolve together throughout the journey. 

They trust each other. 

Trusting a person entirely is not easy. It requires you to let down your guards and be vulnerable to each other. 

It also means letting go of the controls and having faith that your partner has your best interest at heart. While this is not an easy thing to do, it helps cultivate a deep connection that will ensure the longevity of your relationship. 

They keep the romance alive.

When you first get into a relationship, you are all about being sweet and thoughtful to your significant others. I’m talking about love notes, thoughtful texts, surprises, and dates. As the relationship progresses, the thoughtfulness tends to slip away, and you get into a comfort zone. 

In a long-term relationship, you never let the romance die. You need to make your partner feel special and desired continually. The activities which you enjoyed doing, in the beginning, may also evolve and change. A couple can still enjoy new activities and find new ways to spice up the relationship. 

They Respect each other 

Respect is an essential aspect of every long-term relationship. Respect means valuing your partner and their decisions even though you may disagree with them. It goes both ways. You also need to respect yourself and set standards of behavior, and not accept anything below that. It is also crucial that you hold yourself to the same standards you expect from your partner. Two-way respect paves the way to other aspects of a healthy long-term relationship.

Long-term relationships are hard to come by. But the characteristics of a long-term relationship are not particularly groundbreaking. It is the simple things such as respect, shared values, forgiveness, compromise, commitment, and keeping the romance alive. A relationship that endures is often disguised as mundane everyday life. Despite the many challenges that come with it, it will last if you put in a little bit of effort.