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How To Fall Back In Love After Being Hurt – 10 of The Best Proven Methods

How To Fall Back In Love After Being Hurt

Often times we talk about the two different types of pain that people experience in their lives. One type is physical, which can usually be treated with medication, surgery and other forms of self care. The other type is emotional, and that pain won’t go away until you do something to address it on an emotional level. If you want to know how to fall back in love after being hurt, you will need to know how to address this emotional level of hurt.

We all know we’re supposed to exercise more, eat right and drink less soda pop…

What we don’t always know is how hindered our progress will be if we leave those emotions inside us like cement blocks tied to our legs as we try and swim across the English channel. We need those emotions like water, not rocks; if left untreated they weigh us down and keep us from living our fullest possible lives.

Everyone holds onto some form of hurt, but hurt within a relationship needs to be healed if you want to fall back in love. When you are able to heal that hurt within yourself, it opens up more space for the feelings of love and happiness to come back into your life and possibly be even stronger than before.

Here is how to fall back in love after being hurt:

1) Write everything down in a journal

Express all of your thoughts and emotions every day until you feel better. This may take months or even years at times, depending on how deep inside this pain is rooted and how long it’s been left untreated. Writing helps clear the mind and soul, there is a reason why some of the greatest minds have been known to journal. How to fall back in love after being hurt? Journal your pain, your hurt, write it out, to literally get it out of your mind and heart and get it onto paper. Sometimes seeing it on paper helps you think differently about things, and how you are ready to move on.

2) Let it go

Whatever happened in the past is over now. Holding onto any lingering feelings will need to be by choice, not by default. If there are certain thoughts that keep popping into your head about what they said or did then immediately replace them with images of your loved one smiling at you across a candlelit dinner. This can help reshape the minds way of thinking, helping you fall back in love after being hurt by creating new neuro pathways that bring more thoughts of joy than sadness.

3) Find Out What You Have Been Missing

Try to find out what you have been wanting from the other person,especially if they didn’t give it to you. Maybe it was more affection, attention or freedom? If you can figure out what was missing, then you’ll be better equipped to deal with the hurt and share with your partner what it is you need from them.

How To Fall Back In Love After Being Hurt

4) Talk To A Therapist

Talk to a therapist or counselor who can help you consider how this person might actually have been feeling when they did what they did. Did they not know how much these actions would hurt you? What fears were motivating their behavior? How might they feel now about what happened between them and your relationship (or lack thereof)? This is often just part of the therapeutic process. Talking to a therapist will also help you figure out different pathways that work best for you to heal.

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