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How To Find A Long Term Partner – 5 Characteristics To Find and 5 To Avoid
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How To Find A Long Term Partner

So You Want to know how to find a long term partner?

The goal of this article is to help you narrow down what characteristics you want in a potential partner that will ensure you to have a long term relationship. We are also going to share with you what to avoid so you don’t stay stuck finding partners that just don’t work out.

We know how hard it is to find someone who you connect with on all levels, and that’s why we want to help you become more aware of the traits that will bring you closer to finding the right partner that fits into your life.

Someone who is best for a long term relationship!   We’re going to let you in on a few secrets today.

1. A Sense of Security

You’ll want to find someone who’s most important priority is your physical and emotional well-being. A person who will build you up in public, make you feel safe with them, care for you when you are sick, be there for the good times, but more importantly the bad ones. A partner that has a sense of security about themselves so they can provide that same feeling to you when necessary.

2. Does Not Lack Self Worth

Basically, don’t ever get involved with an abuser! They have no self worth so they try to find it in others by hurting or controlling them. If they cannot love themselves how can they possibly love someone else? How would they know what kind of treatment is acceptable if they don’t even love themselves? How to find a long term partner? Avoid anyone with low self esteem at all costs, they are just not ready for a long term relationship.

3. Knows Their Priorities

Intelligent people will prioritize what is most important to them without being ordered or told how to do it by someone else. That means they make the time needed for you/family/friends/career/selfcare, even if it’s challenging at times, because they know what there priority is. The reason priority awareness is so important is because it shows they are being mindful about your life goals and theirs. Their goals are not more important than yours, they just have a different priority list but they support yours. You’ll never be with someone long term unless you feel like you are equally prioritized by them and feel supported and respected for your dreams.

4. Goal Oriented

A person that is goal oriented will be very independent and get things done, they do not wait around to be told what to do. They’re results focused and understand if you want something bad enough you have to go after it so they won’t lack ambition or drive. This means less work for you because your partner knows how to keep their life in order which allows them more time spent with you at the end of the day rather than stressing over bills and housework.

5. Empathy

Empathy is very important because it shows that they can put themselves in your shoes and feel what you are feeling, this validates that your feelings matter and aren’t invalid like someone without empathy might make you feel. Empathy for another is what helps people going through a tough time feel like they aren’t alone and that there’s someone who understands exactly how it feels to go through the same thing.

You wanted to know how to find a long term partner, well we also need to know what to avoid. We know this list might seem obvious but consider these things as red flags to stay away from:

1. Controlling & Jealous

There is absolutely no tolerance for an individual who tries to keep you from having friends, family, or doing the things that make you happy. Anyone that’s trying to control your life choices isn’t worth a minute of your time because they clearly lack self-worth and will most likely become more possessive over time. This type of behavior is unhealthy to themselves and never healthy for a relationship.

2. Always Needing To Be Right

We all get stuck needing to be right about something once in a while but this person can not let it go at all. You’ll feel very stifled by their constant need to always have the last word and win every argument no matter how small. They do not care about compromising with you or trying to understand your side of the story so it’s best to leave them alone if you want a peaceful life.

3. No Common Interests

You’ll never have a strong connection with someone who doesn’t share common interests with you so this is a huge red flag! It’s important that you feel challenged and supported by one another, not bored and alone. A relationship should be fun even when you’re having those tough conversations about where to take the future of your lives together as a couple. If they don’t seem interested in doing anything other than watching TV after work then chances are they won’t be willing to make any sacrifices for your career aspirations or dreams unless it directly benefits them first.

4. Arrogant/Condescending

This is a very hard one to tolerate because underneath the front they put on they are insecure, self-absorbed and have massive egos. They think they know everything and look down on those who don’t agree with them so it really takes you out of your comfort zone when trying to be vulnerable with someone like this. What we want in a relationship is understanding and compromise but if you can’t find that then what’s the point? A healthy relationship needs both partners working together for each other and not against one another so there’s no time for people with huge egos or attitudes!

5. No Stability

It isn’t easy to build something long term with an unstable person who changes jobs/houses/cities every month. This type of person clearly doesn’t know what they’re looking for and is just trying to find someone until something better comes along which makes them not worth your time or effort. You can do better than that and you deserve more than constant head games and indecisiveness!

A successful relationship takes equal parts understanding, effort, commitment and patience but if you follow this list we guarantee you’ll never settle again! If all else fails remember the key ingredients: empathy, ambition, common interests, stability and a healthy ego. Follow those rules and everything will fall into place as it should 🙂