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What To Look For In A Partner – Top 7 Traits
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What To Look For In A Partner
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Are You Wondering What To Look For In A Partner? Yes, finding love is hard. Finding “the one” can be even harder! The qualities that you’re looking for in a potential partner are important. In fact, they’re some of the hardest to find. We all have different priorities when it comes to who we want to share our lives with and what their qualities should be. It’s been said that “There’s someone for everyone,” If you follow these top 7 traits, you’ll know what kind of characteristics to look for in a life partner that will lead you into a happy and fulfilling relationship .


Just about everyone loves being listened to. Being able to actually hear what someone else is saying is a valuable skill for any potential partner. One of the most important qualities to look for in a partner is a great listener. Someone who you can trust to listen to what you have to say and actually care about your opinions, thoughts and views on life. If you can find someone who looks at you with their undivided attention while they listen to what you have to say, it will make for a great foundation of trust.


Empathy is the ability to be in tune with the thoughts and emotions of another person . If your partner has empathy, they’ll know how to relate and respond accordingly. They’ll also show kindness and compassion towards others and themselves. Furthermore, if your potential partner has empathy, it means that they’re considerate and understanding. When we become empathic towards others’ feelings we begin putting ourselves in their shoes to understand what they might be feeling or experiencing emotionally. This is why finding and looking for someone who has empathy goes a long way.


We all have different ideas about what “respect” means to us. Respect is just about the most important thing to have in a relationship . When you respect your partner, you recognize that they are unique individuals while nurturing their uniqueness. It’s respecting them enough to know that no matter how much time has passed or how much things have changed between both of you… what matters most are the values and beliefs that you share together . If your potential partner shows respect by being accepting of other people’s thoughts, ideas and lifestyles without judgment, it will be one of the many traits that will make for an amazing foundation in any relationship. 


The best relationships are made up of two people who are compatible. Compatibility means that the both of you have things in common, enjoy doing similar activities and share a lot of the same views on life . Whether it’s being able to spend time together whenever possible or knowing that they’ll be your partner when something important comes up, having compatibility is an absolute must! It makes for healthy communication and growth within a relationship. Furthermore, you’ve got to be able to still make some compromises when needed and remember that you do love each other even if you don’t share similar views on everything.

What To Look For In A Partner


Humor is one of the most attractive qualities to look for in any potential partner. A great sense of humor shows confidence, lightens up tense situations and builds positive emotional connections with others . When we laugh, feel relaxed around each other or enjoy spending time together, it’s another important part of what makes for a strong foundation in any relationship. Sharing an appreciation for humor with your partner is important, but being able to laugh at yourself and not being so serious all the time are great things. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take your relationship seriously at all times, but letting loose together can strengthen relationships .


Trustworthiness is one of those rare traits that everyone wants in a potential partner. It’s also one of the most important qualities to look for in a life partner who isn’t going to break your heart. If there are certain issues or concerns about their past experiences with others or if they have something to hide, it’ll make it more difficult developing trust within the relationship. For example, if someone has been unfaithful or dishonest in the past, it makes it difficult to trust them. Not impossible, but something that will take time to develop and work on. It’s not about finding someone you can immediately trust with anything and everything, but finding trustworthiness within yourself first and foremost. Do you know how to recognize your strengths and weaknesses? Have you taken some time to think about all of your past experiences and what they’ve taught you about life? If so, then we’re on the right track!


The ability to communicate effectively is another important trait that one should look for in a partner. In order for a relationship to succeed, both parties need to be able to speak up when needed as well as listen attentively when others need a shoulder to lean on . Being able to talk about all kinds of things with your partner is important, but being a good listener is just as crucial. When it comes to effective communication, both talking and listening are equally important. If you come across someone who doesn’t listen well or seems to struggle with picking up on non-verbal cues, it can put a damper on your relationship. Learning how to communicate effectively is important for healthy relationships because it allows for both partners to feel heard while also letting them know how their actions are affecting others.

Final Thoughts

Everyone should work towards developing these 7 traits, but everyone has different strengths and weaknesses that should be acknowledged accordingly. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but with time and dedication anyone can become a better version of themselves . We’re all works in progress, so don’t ever get discouraged or give up no matter what happens!

Finding someone who has similar values and beliefs as you do, knows what they want out of life and are ready to put everything into their future together is no easy task!  However, finding a partner who is worth making sacrifices for will always be easier when not only considering all of these traits but also feeling comfortable enough to tell them the truth about any past experiences.

We hope these seven traits have helped you know what to look for in a partner!